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Treadmills are an essential part of any gym

The Secret Weight Loss Machine


There is a piece of equipment available that has been shown in clinical tests to be unsurpassed for assisting in your weight loss goals – want to know what it is?

The Treadmill – exercising on Treadmills has helped many people to achieve their weight loss goals – and it can help you too.

Treadmills can be used by virtually any age group, and by individuals of any activity level. Treadmills can help you lose weight, and maintain your weight loss.

It really is a numbers game. The more time you spend engaged in physical exercise the more calories you are going to burn and consequently the more pounds you will lose.

If you are searching for fitness equipment that will not only burn fat, but will also raise your metabolism to continue burning fat long after you've stopped exercising, then a treadmill should be at the top of your list.

The treadmill is matchless for cardiovascular exercise. According to a recent study, calories burned on the treadmill for 60 minutes averaged 865 – 705.

Compare this figure to the following:

Stair machine 746 – 637
Rowing machine 739 – 606
Stationary cycle 604 – 556
Cross-country ski machine 678 – 595

As you can see the treadmill comes out as the number one cardiovascular machine.

If you would like to develop your own weight loss treadmill program here are some ideas:

Be creative – make your Treadmill session pleasurable, listen to music or audio books on your MP3 player. Some people prefer to just take the opportunity to think or just day dream. The more you enjoy your Treadmill session, the more likely you are to exercise on your treadmill regularly.

Try to exercise daily. Working out on your Treadmill regularly makes your weight loss goals much more likely to happen than if you are only working out only when the mood takes you. Most people that make the switch will tell you that it’s easier to workout every day. You don’t have to think about whether it’s a workout day or not and get prepared for it – just exercise on your treadmill every day – your body will become accustomed to it. It will soon become part of your routine and you will begin to look forward to it.

Try to mix in some interval training into your Treadmill sessions each week. Interval training consists of brief periods (about one minute) of more intense exercise incorporated into your Treadmill workouts. 

You may do a one minute interval of faster walking about every five minutes throughout your workout.

Start with a three to five minute warm-up and then five minutes into your walk you do your first interval, one minute of faster walking. At the end of that minute you should be out of breath and ready to slow down. Slow down to your regular walking speed for the next four minutes and then your fifth minute is another one minute interval. Repeat this throughout your workout.

By this means you can increase your aerobic fitness level to the limits of your ability. You are in essence crossing the anaerobic threshold into anaerobic metabolism, this forces your body to accept more intense exercise which will in turn make your weight loss gains more achievable.

By increasing your basal metabolic rate, interval training cause you to burn more calories a day, and make your exercise less monotonous. Interval training also helps the time pass more quickly.

Try walking on your Treadmill with light hand weights of between one and two pounds weight for two to three days per week. Swing your arms and also use a variety of arm movements while walking. This will increase your basal metabolic rate and tone your upper body muscles.

Try to do your Treadmill workout first thing in the day. Most people who workout regularly, do so first thing in the morning. If YOU want to exercise regularly, you are more likely to succeed by being an “early bird”

In order to add a bit more variety to your routine set one day of the week aside to be your “easy day”. This should be a very leisurely session. Consider how good your walks are starting to feel as you continue to lose weight and tone your body.

You have probably heard the expression “if you can’t measure it, then it doesn’t exist”. With this in mind make sure that you record your progress. Record the date and time-of-day of your workout, and the distance and/or time you walked. Record the total of the miles or minutes you’ve walked. Your thoughts or feelings for that particular workout can also be logged.

All of the above measures will help to ensure that your Treadmill Exercise Session is that one special time of day to take care of yourself. Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from your special time with your Treadmill. Working out on your Treadmill every day will help you achieve your weight loss goals and have a positive impact on all aspects of your life, including physical, mental, and emotional health.

If we only consider the issue of weight loss, the Treadmill is significantly superior to any other exercise machine given its associated energy expenditure. While other fitness equipment “fads” gather dust Treadmills have consistently provided quality results and lasting benefits. Treadmills allow you to work at your own pace, but don’t allow you to slack off. You’ll be able to burn calories efficiently and attain your weight loss targets.

If you’re in the market to seriously educate yourself about treadmills, visit where you can obtain more detailed information. exercise equipment store weight loss exercise

Sweat-Free Ways to Get Rid of Extra Pounds

 Millions of people around the world are now engaged in a very personal struggle, a fight that will require from them every ounce of determination and will power. This conflict is called the Battle of the Bulge. 

Sweat-Free Ways to Get Rid of Extra Pounds

Sweat-Free Ways to Get Rid of Extra Pounds

Sweat-Free Ways to Get Rid of Extra Pounds


Millions of people around the world are now engaged in a very personal struggle, a fight that will require from them every ounce of determination and will power. This conflict is called the Battle of the Bulge.

Quite literally, the bulge — or excess body fat is now considered a very real enemy, not just by fitness buffs but by ordinary people who have been enlightened about the potential dangers of being extremely overweight.

Obesity and being overweight are now serious health concerns that now being given much attention by national and international health organizations. Using the Body-Mass Index (BMI) and the Waist Circumference Measurement (WCM) as the basic parameters for assessing weight-related health risks, more and more doctors, nutritionist-dietitians, and other health professionals are waging a campaign to educate the public about the benefits of getting rid of excess body fat and attaining the best possible weight according to accepted standards.

On a more positive note, the growing awareness about the need to lose weight and control obesity has led to the growth in the fitness and health industry. Various types of gyms and health shops have sprung up to offer people a multitude of methods and routines to regain their health. Some of the common exercise routines promoted by fitness gurus include anaerobic weight training, aerobics, pilates, yoga, core training ball method, and tae-bo. These fitness exercises are supposed to help one to lose weight while improving cardio-vascular performance, body coordination, and over-all health. Many have actually attested to the effectiveness of these workouts.

But not all can perform the movements required in the gym. People with certain physical impairments can also perform exercise routines albeit at a very limited range of motion. It is also true that many people cannot sustain the interest or motivation needed to complete an exercise program or repeatedly go to the gym to break out a sweat. Others may have the motivation to regularly workout but simply have no time due to busy work schedules and other demands at home.

For these reasons, the weight loss pill has become a very attractive and easy alternative to a gym membership or a strict workout routine. For some, popping a pill is clearly the easier road to take to lose weight compared to actually moving one’s body to the point of exhaustion.

How does a weight loss pill actually work?

The common weight loss pill is actually loaded up with fiber husks. The fiber expands in the stomach and supposedly produces a full stomach feeling. With a feeling of having a full stomach, the user of the pill also reduces food intake. Another weight loss diet pill contains traces of ephedrine, a narcotic that reduces appetite. The unregulated, mass market version of this drug called Bangkok pills had been popular during the late 90s for its fast effects. However, since the said drug that was manufactured and imported from Thailand was clearly unregulated, its safety could not be guaranteed.

With all fitness fads and different pills out in the market, one of the most frequently ignored strategy that could even take the place of the best weight loss pill is to simply control one’s eating. Those who go on crash diets always find themselves eating more after giving up on their eating plan. The harsh diets they pursue leave them with a sense of having been deprived of good food. But if one only sticks to the simple strategy of eating just the right amount, coupled with reduction of fatty foods from the everyday meals — a person can already see good results. It is not advisable to endure starvation just to shed off some pounds. Proper, sensible eating habits must be imbibed together with regular exercise.

The use of a weight loss pill may still be a viable alternative provided that it is used with the approval and supervision of a medical professional. Indeed, the arsenal that can be used in the Battle of the Bulge can range from a regular physical training regimen, to dieting, to the use of medication that helps you lose weight. The key is to do everything in moderation and to remain focused on the health benefits of these ways to lose weight. For the overweight and people struggling with obesity, it would be very helpful to internalize that for every pound they lose, they are gaining back their health — and that’s surely a good better deal.