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Welcome to treadmill

Welcome to treadmillWelcome to treadmill

Exercise Treadmill Walking to Your Health

Exercise Treadmill Walking to Your Health


Exercise treadmill is a home exercise equipment but used also by cardiologists. It is also well known in the medical circles by many alternative names such as exercise ECG, Stress test – exercise treadmill, EKG – exercise treadmill etc. But before we get onto see the medical relevance of this wonderful simple exercise equipment, let us see what it does to our everyday life and how.

You are hard pressed for time, but you are aware that you are slightly going out of shape. And, your physician has advised you to reduce weight and get back into shape. It is here that the exercise treadmill comes to your rescue. One strong supporting point in its favor is treadmill is amongst the top calorie burning equipment.

What Does a Treadmill Do To You?

Basically, an exercise treadmill is used for general screening of heart to find out how good its general is and how it responds to stress or exercise. When you walk on the treadmill, physicians collect data like your cardio electrical activity on ECG while monitoring the blood pressure. These data can be interpreted later to find out whether the heart asks for additional oxygen as a reaction.

Stress test on treadmill helps doctors in determining the hearts ability to withstand exercise. This in turn helps in determining the appropriate level of exercise so that an exercise regime is developed for persons in need. Apart from this, there are various other reasons, such as determine the causes of chest pain, for your doctor to go for stress test.

That apart, a survey conducted by Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association tells that people spend more on treadmills than other exercise/fitness equipment. The basic realities that go in support of exercise treadmill are the unbeatable workout on cardiovascular muscles and high rate of calorie burning. In a joint study, VA Medical Center in Milwaukee and the Medical College of Wisconsin put the calories burnt on treadmill on top of the list of calories burnt by other exercise machines. After a 60 minutes workout treadmill burns an average of 865-705 calories.

Benefits of Exercise Treadmill

1.Treadmill lets you exercise indoors avoiding bad weather

2.Adjustable speeds accommodates both running and walking

3.Little or no impact on heels, knee ankles, back and as a result fewer injuries. As a result you can run for years

4.High end treadmills allow adjusting of speeds and inclines so than running or walking uphill/downhill is simulated. They allow pre programming exercise preferences like speed variations and inclines

Buying an Exercise Treadmill

1.Decide on long time exercise goals. There are different models to suit individual preferences

2.Consider the space availability/constraint at home to choose an apt size

3.Go for a continuous and heavy duty motor which lasts longer than others if the cost difference does'nt bother you

4.Decide what dimensions of walking track is comfortable for you. Normally 4×1.5 suits most. Running may call for longer track than this

5.Check for deck thickness which must be 3/4 to 1 to support both running and walking

Shock absorbers, smoother decks, instrument console warranty price and brand cant be left out while making a decision.

Cross Walk 425 Treadmill

 Exercise must never have felt so light. Pro Form, the worlds number 1 fitness brand proudly presents the Cross Walk 425 Treadmill, truly a one of its kind machine. 

Cross Walk 425 Treadmill

Cross Walk 425 Treadmill

 Exercise must never have felt so light. Pro Form, the worlds number 1 fitness brand proudly presents the Cross Walk 425 Treadmill, truly a one of its kind machine. Along with it, you are offered some great deals which are sure to make the product a sell-out. With its 2 Cross Walk Calorie Workouts and Cross Walk Upper-Body Arms, you can burn up to 350 calories in addition to giving shape to your shoulders, arms and back. Additional features include Power Incline up to 10%, EKG Heart Rate Monitor, 0-10 MPH Quick Speed Control, Tinted Blue LCD Display, Mach 1.3 CHP Drive Motor and 3 years of Motor warranty. Regarding the product specifications, it has a 17 by 50 Tread belt and 250 lbs of weighing capacity. The Pro Soft Plus Impact Reduction is a special type of cushioning which is said to reduce the work-out impact on your joints by 22%. The machine is priced at just $449! That means a good 44% discount on its retail price of $799. And that's not all! You even get free shipping, thus making a saving of $125 for you. Add to that, a one year service warranty totally free! 



Cross Walk 425 Treadmill 

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