Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT Reviews 2023 [Buying Guide], Best Treadmill Review

I was looking for a treadmill. For a month, I researched and found a few great treadmills. So, I thought of sharing a review as I bought it from Internet. The size of horizon fitness 7.0 is neither small nor big, but perfect!. Let’s More Discuss about ” Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT Reviews ” so that we can suggest you the best featured product.

Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT Reviews: Buying Guide

Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT Reviews

What We Like Most

  • Advanced Bluetooth connect
  • 3. 0 chap motor
  • Comfortable Workout
  • Cushioned deck for comfortable footfalls
  • Built-in device holder
  • Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT base is very powerful and is steady and well-balanced while running.
  • Moreover, I found it worth its price. Also, it is foldable and having various features.
  • It’s Bluetooth connectivity is also good.
  • I love all the features horizon fitness 7.0 provides. Just decide the place where you want to install it as it is quite heavy. Also, it is easy to install, control and you will be familiar very quickly.
  • For a month, I used this treadmill and it is performing flawlessly. It is one of the good choices who want to start their fitness at their home.

Advantages Of Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT

  1. It provides a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor.
  2. Also, there is Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in device holder, and a rapid charge USB port.
  3. It performs well and responds faster to settings of inclination and speed.
  4. Moreover, it has good ratings (4) on Amazon, worth its cost. Thus, it is recommended.
  5. It has various health benefits such as good heart health, fat burn, muscle building, reduces cholesterol, etc.
  6. It has a longer deck size which is good for tall runners.

Disadvantages Of Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT

  1. It doesn’t have a touch screen and the size of the screen is also small.
  2. It has a long deck so it may take more space at your home.

Health Benefits of Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT Reviews

  • The treadmill is the most popular equipment for exercise as it provides a range of health benefits. It is suitable to achieve a variety of fitness goals. Mainly, it is used for weight loss. It helps to reduce weight efficiently. It is mainly used for cardio exercises. A more extensive workout will give more fast results and eventually burns calories. You can start with a low-intensity workout and then you can increase your capacity slowly. It may take more amount of time to reflect results. You can perform walking, jogging on flat or at inclination as per requirement.
  • Horizon fitness 7.0 helps to keep your heart healthy. During cardio exercise, it helps to maintain a stable heart rate throughout the exercise. Mainly, it helps those who have high cholesterol levels. Also, it helps to improve your heart rate at a healthy level. However, it helps in doing other types of exercises such as weight training. Because cardio helps to gain more safety and success while doing weight training.
  • Moreover, Horizon fitness 7.0 provides a full-body workout. While exercising, helps to engage various muscle groups. Muscles of legs, abdomen, back are involved.
  • While using a treadmill, you are having complete control. If you want to stop at some point in time or if you want to slow down your exercise, you can change according to your capacity while using Horizon fitness 7.0. You can customize different types of workouts while using Horizon fitness 7.0. Thus, the rate of success increases.

Why You need to Buy Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT 

  • Horizon fitness 7.0 is having a steel frame that gives stability in foundation and durability to handle more intensive workouts. Moreover, maximum Speed can go up to 12mph, whereas an inclination of 15% can be achieved. Inclination helps to tone different muscles. But, be careful and increase your intensity of workouts gradually.
  • Motor of 3.0 CHP helps you to run like a wind and helps in a high-intensity workout. Moreover, the motor doesn’t make any sound so you can do your exercises without disturbing anyone at home.
  • 20 X 60 inch is the size of the deck which is longer than the usual treadmill. Thus, taller people can easily and comfortably use this treadmill. Moreover, Deck of Horizon fitness 7.0 contains 3-zone cushioning, which helps absorb excessive shock during take-off and landing. Thus, it helps prevent excessive wear and tear of parts of your body and helps you run longer.
  • 7-inch LCD screen with 16-digit alphanumeric LED is available. There is Bluetooth connectivity with which you can connect your tablet or smartphone or apple fitness apps. Also, it provides a free fitness app called AFG PRO. You can watch Netflix while doing exercise. Just connect with your tablet and place the tablet in the tablet rack. You can control volume with built-in speakers. Also, it supports Armour and Fitbit apps.
  • Warranty includes a lifetime warranty for motor and frame. Also, there is a 3year warranty on parts and electronics and 1 year on labor.
  • Thus, you must buy Horizon fitness 7.0 trade mill.

User’s Reviews : What People Say about Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT Reviews

I purchased this for my 60yr old mother after buying a massage chair to use during the closure. She remarks that this is stacked with every one of the features she needed (blue tooth association, crisis shut off, hand rails, pulse screen, durable) and is extremely thankful for it. We expected to buy hostile to static mats to go under it, which I prescribe profoundly to diminish clamor at high paces.


I purchased the treadmill from a nearby organization, not off Amazon. They carried the case to my carport and afterward set up the treadmill (with veils on) while I watched. It accepting them 30 minutes as one was capable and one was an understudy matured male who was taking bearings. The solitary substantial part is the 3 HP engine. I have utilized treadmills in the exercise center so know about them. This one is strong and calm. It seems, by all accounts, to be all around made with an extraordinary guarantee. Furthermore in light of the fact that I got it neighborhood the nearby business will fix any issues that may emerge. I created clinical issues that make me somewhat unfortunate about strolling excessively far from home and this will permit me to get more exercise. I believe it's a preferred quality machine over what's in the exercise center.


Conclusion : My Own Expert Review

Overall , i love this item & with the sore neck i can say it is worth of buying. Fitness is a first  priority for anyone & i suggest everyone to buy this. ( Please buy with listed button below image, it will help us to bear the cost of this review site).

Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT











  • Powerful Motor
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Trusted Brand


  • Availability
  • No Color Option

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